Presenting the award winning MOB-BARS system

Developed in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague and the Czech Police Force to help tackle the latest global security challenges of the 21st century and provide measures to minimize them.

Manufactured from a revolutionary cement composite, resistant to bullets, explosions and impacts.

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The MOB-BARS system allows for very quick assembly at the intervention site without the need for heavy equipment

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  • Weight: 275 kg / m
  • Wall angle: 60 ° –120 °
  • Primarily designed to secure a perimeter or crowd management.
  • Closing off squares and roads.
  • Protection of sports and music/cultural events.
  • Protection of strategic areas buildings and perimeters.
  • Characterized by high stability against tipping and overturning and can be assembled in any angle from 60 ° to 120 °.


  •  Weight: 990 kg
  • Dimensions: 1.5 × 1.5 × 2 m (L × H × W)
  • Developed to serve mainly as a small guard post for visual inspection of a secured perimeter or as a small temporary base.
  • It can be equipped with ballistic entrance doors and steel or glass ballistic windows.


  • Weight: 1,540 kg
  • Dimensions: 2.3 × 2.0 × 2.7 m (L × H × W)
  • Developed to serve the purpose of a large guard/patrol station, temporary storeroom or pre-detention cell.
  • It can also be fitted with a ballistic door, or a bulletproof window.
  • By pre-fitting the reinforcement plate, we can greatly increase the resistance of the hexagon to FB 7.
  • One big advantage of hexagon is the ability to create a multi-storey structure, making it possible to build watchtowers up to 10 meters tall.


  • Weight: 20kg/ks
  • Angle: 60° – 120°
  • Ballistic resistance: none
  • Fence Extension stands 1 meter tall and was designed as addition to the wall. Allows for the height of the wall to be very easily increased (up to 3 m for 2 m high wall). It complicates climbing over the wall and also protects against flying objects such as cobblestones etc. Barbed wire can also be attached to the fence.


  • Weight: 550 kg/m
  • Angle: 90°
  • Ballistic resistance: FB7
  • Double wall was primarily designed to fence a secured perimeter or for crowd management.
    • Fencing of squares or streets
    • Protection of sport matches or music/cultural performances
    • Protection of strategic areas, buildings and perimeters
  • Double wall is characterized by its high stability against tipping and overturning and can be built at an angle of 90°

force multiplier

increased safety and resistance to overturning

ballistic protection

rapid mobile deployment


20m wide street riot control with 50 policemen


20m wide street riot control with 10 policemen

MOB-BARS is able to provide know-how, technology and people resources to produce mobile barriers in any location.

It is also possible to use the MOB-BARS composite to produce any other shapes


fracture energy: 500 – 100 J/m²


fracture energy: 15000 – 20000 J/m²